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Mogul247 Enterprises has an expert team of organizational development and HR professionals that can support your organization with a wide-ranging number of services. Our all-inclusive organizational development evaluation will help your business determine whether your existing structure is where it needs to be in order to grow.

Our organizational development experts can analyze your administration’s KPI’s [key performance indicators] and total capability, then help you plot the most effective course to increase your organization’s potential.

Our assessment will involve your personnel, measure current capabilities, examine pay scale and current job descriptions, offer performance lineups and benefit plans, recommend workforce and management development where needed, and will also contain an examination of your current guidelines and handbooks.

Mogul can detect your teams’ strengths, opportunities, threats and weaknesses by finding ways to improve upon the dynamic forces, diversity, problem-solving abilities and communication abilities. We then work to build custom tactics that will shape your teams into finely-tuned performance teams that are more apt to achieve your executives’ goals.

We will work openly with your key HR staffers to confirm that your organizational configuration is lined-up with your existing tactical plan, if you have one; or with any plans you may have for the future of your company.

Once this background work is fully acknowledged, we will recommend ways Mogul can help you blueprint and implement aptitude-building and performance enhancement within your business. Our organizational development consultants are experts at the techniques and best practices that can guide your organizational development.

Our Services Include:

Human resource strategy

Talent management strategy

Change management

Diversity inclusion

Innovation transformation

Succession planning

Strategic workforce planning

Manpower assessments

Resource alignment

Board development

Communication strategy

Capacity building

Team building

Team coaching

Leadership development



Standards of Excellence

Public speaking



By partnering with Mogul247 to farm out part, or all of your marketing efforts...  We will improve your struggles by creating a tactical, fully-integrated marketing strategy intended to stretch your budget while maximizing your results!  

With Mogul as your external marketing source, you will have more time to focus on other important parts of your business. Mogul produces, manages, implements and accounts on all of the differing facets of your promotions program.  You will benefit greatly by having a staff of veteran marketing pros proactively managing your marketing endeavors and helping you realize your goals.

The Mogul team of experts develop real-life marketing programs which contain traditional, non-traditional and grass-roots advantages with a real mogul’s methodology, all tailored, to meet the goals and intentions of our clients.  This includes any of marketing initiatives you’ll need to take-on whether it be tactical planning & development, digital marketing, web development, branding, communications, advertising, PR or on-the-ground promotions.   ​

Our Process

We start by assessing your current marketing programs to detect where there may be prospects for optimization. This embraces taking a closer look at your foremost competition and finding market-differentiation's as well as your key advantages above them. From there we cultivate a personalized integrated-marketing blueprint which contains our recommendations for the top-ranked marketing initiatives that should offer you the greatest results.

Our Services Include:

Email Marketing
Online Marketing
Social Media Management
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Google AdWords PPC (Pay-per-click)
Website Design & Development
Custom WordPress Websites 
Graphic Design
Marketing Consulting
Marketing Communications 
Content Development
Strategic Planning
Market Research
Public Relations




Our Executive Mentorships are a fully-customized experience for each team member assembled around best-in-class diagnosis and programs to support each member with their own distinctive path within your organization.

The extraordinary speed of change in today’s open market means that companies need to adapt, modernize and perform more quickly than ever to stay significant. Leaders are confronted with meeting short-term professional performance burdens while also producing strategies for business capability over the long-term.

Mogul's Executive Mentorship Program gets freshly-identified senior and c-suite executives and leaders up-and-running quickly by matching them with a mentor who is a seasoned executive and/or a c-suite leader from one of our other organizations.

Designed specifically to hasten emergent leaders’ skillsets in meeting business objectives and to uncover their complete package of leadership capabilities, this cross-organizational experience offers one-to-one tutelage for senior execs, high-level managers and c-suite leaders.

Ideal Candidates:

  • New to their stations, ID’d as key succession contenders, Accountable for creating strategy; and those appointed to driving business objectives

  • New to the company; and who would benefit from constructing internal networks

  • Promoted from inside the business; and who would benefit from constructing external networks

  • Charged with heading-up enterprise-wide changes or initiatives


Mogul247 presents its CEO Speaker Series. In collaboration with founder Lalanii Wilson-Jones, MBA, a Dallas business luminary whose speaker events facilitate presentations by this renowned business leader, who owns and operates several multi–million dollar companies.  Future leaders will gain insights into how her organizations were grown, the challenges and the successes, along with her leadership style.  The series has multiple topics that range from organization development, to becoming the best leader possible, sales & negotiations, building a brand, new business development, HR magic and so much more… Attendees also get ample prospects to network before and after the presentations.  If your organization needs a boost, then book Ms. Jones today and we can customize the presentation around your organizations needs and culture!

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