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How do I grow my business? It’s a common question when it comes to owning and operating a business. Starting a business may be hard, but scaling that business up may be an even greater challenge. Here are some tips to help you take your business to the next level.


No matter how small your business may be, it has a brand. You may not have the resources to employ a marketing department or work with an external branding agency, but your business still has a brand.

Your brand is the emotional attachment which connects your customers (and potential customers) to your product or service. Your brand is what creates loyalty, and what keeps your customers coming back for more.

You and your employees are a big part of your brand. Think about the brand image you are portraying. How do you want your customers to feel when they think about your company? Make sure that every aspect of your company reinforces the brand image you want to portray.


Sounds like common sense, right? Unfortunately, for most business owners the problem is often balancing out your time between working IN the business and ON it. As you know, running a business means that it’s easy to keep yourself busy every second of the day. However, this isn’t ideal…

Set aside time each week to work on your company’s long term strategy and gaining new business. If you are constantly focused on the day-to-day tasks and reacting to every request or issue, it means that no one is actually working on the long term goals. Be consistent with the time you pick. Make it a permanent fixture in your calendar. Remember, focusing on the future is the only way you can grow.


There are no prizes for doing everything, all day, every day by yourself. A successful company requires a team. Surrounding yourself with skilled individuals to help in particular areas of the business is crucial for both sanity and success.

Employ people with the right skillset, work ethic and cultural fit for within your business. Delegate some of your major pain points first. Think about what it is that’s taking up most of your time that can be handed over to someone else? This will help free up you time to focus on the important stuff for your business.


It’s no secret that running a business is stressful, but you need to make sure you take care of yourself first. Your well-being needs to be your number one priority. Find what fuels your soul and make this a concrete part of your day (or week) depending on what the activity is. Maybe going for a run each day or going to the gym is your thing. Make sure you don’t give these things up – even when times get busy.

This is some info we love, from a great source in Australia, that shares our mission and values. [Thanks Quantam Advisory]


About our CEO: Lalanii Wilson-Jones, MBA is a dynamic business leader based in Dallas, Texas who owns & operates multiple companies across several industries. Her range of talents and experience makes her an ideal candidate for strong economic partnerships all over the world, a great mentor and a great source of information that can change the mechanics of any sized company.

About the Firm: At Mogul247, we wish for our clients to be well-informed before partnering or partaking in any of our firm’s services. We hope your experience will be better once you know who we are, have more realistic ideals and goals about working with us, as well as understand what we are focused on doing for you and our community. If there are any other questions or concerns you may be having, please contact her assistant Jacqueline at (972) 707-0294


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